My experience at Lumen

A 20-minute drive to my summer holiday internship and not knowing what to expect but being open minded to the world of possibility. I have been interning at Lumen formerly know as C6 Consulting and how this opportunity came about is from my EMarketing blog and group project performance.

A guest speaker once said that data was the relevant future for business and I felt privilege to be learning and having a hands-on approach in digital marketing. I quickly discovered that I was not a dashboard developer however; I learnt the value of having this as a tool.

One of my many interest stemmed from presentation of the Digital Transformation to Niel and establishing a strategy for business on how to undergo the transformation. The challenge was that our brief was to speak to 50+ businessmen that assumedly resistant to change. The presentation taught me to structure my presentation in such away that you sell the strategy, which is grounded facts from theory and research, and then move onto a case study and finally end of with the business ideal after undergoing the digital transformation.

Rian took us to a meeting with one of Lumen’s clients. As interns we were able to sit into the real life “behind the screens” of a digital campaign. An important part of the day out was when Rian shared a coffee break with us after the meeting. We were able to share our insights, ideas, raise various questions and engage him on what Lumen’s role was. As I observed that it was about building trust and skilfully leading a meeting this appealed to me as in the future I see myself as a project manager, team leader and strategist.

Then finally, with media department I gave a presentation on short loans website. This was interesting because this speaks to the idea that South African are beginning to trust online banking platforms. Most importantly the consumer journey includes digital now more than ever and how digital marketing is so relevant to the consumer. I got feedback from Jacques on my presentation and learnt that its important to remove yourself from the equation and his constructive feedback goes a long way in my own growth as a young professional.

Spending time with Chrisna going through the “ins and outs” digital media was fun because throughout I asked question was able to look into Google Analytics and see how a campaign goes from inception to going live. Things that I had read about and studied during the EMarketing course actually came into play in real life. Words like “lead, impression and paid per click” now had meaning.

Overall the experience could be summed up to on of my favourite lines, “Great people, good food and great laughs”. Not many people can speak of having an intimate office space and having great people in it. The occasional braai was definitely typically South African but not of the corporate world. The one-liners from Mike definitely resulted in laughter and some confusion.

Doing this internship with Chels, Jen and Mel in the workspace just made the experience enjoyable. And having Steph there to ask questions about her work and role at Lumen during this time gave me an idea of where I could career wise if I wasn’t to become a strategist.

Thank you, to everyone that was part of my experience at Lumen.




e tivity 3: Critical reflection

Stokes and Minds of Quirk state the importance of online management, admittedly I used to take this for granted. Since, the first task I am conscious about what I put into cyber space and I think twice before tweeting and refrain from ranting. So I’m proud to say I’ve seen personal growth in this aspect.

Secondly, I have learnt the power of having a personal brand whether you are aware of it not. My brand has been out there for some time yet, I was not really aware of it. My brand is something that I have really started to craft and enjoy presenting the professional side of Nonz. The reality is I cannot change what appears in my digital history BUT I have begun to craft my professional digital footprint. Initially, this was not an easy task because I’m not blog savvy and sometimes have bags under my eyes and wishing they were Hermes.

think like a queen

Yet, now I know that I could get the task done and exceed my own expectations and with every task it got a little easier and more enjoyable.

I understood that my blog was for academic purposes and this has been a key influencer on the actual content, however it was important for me to be authentic to myself. This was an opportunity for my audience see a side of me that I don’t really show. I appreciate this course for giving me a platform to show case my personality, whilst doing academic writing.  Hubspot indicates that “blogs are a platform to showcase your expertise on a given subject” and I couldn’t agree more. I have learnt how to create an infographic but more so have an appreciation for the work that goes into it.

As well as, working with an actual brief from C6 Consulting gave me a taste of the real world. The group dynamics were challenging at times and I was the mediator of the tension and kept the group focused on handing in an assignment that we could all be proud of. Looking back it paid off because we in the running as one of the top assignments.

 a909b574be0c2784d43ba5fe9ce5fe4a (1)

Jen and Ayanda reading over the final document…nothing but smiles:)

News24 points out that most brands now have Facebook and Twitter accounts, foolishly I thought companies simply posted things up and things would just happen. Chanel Mackay was able to shed light and talk about the real life implications of online advertising . Melody Maker spoke about data analytics as key for successful businesses and went onto show the class an interesting TedTalk Video of where technology is going. This got me thinking we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of digital marketing potential.

SWOT analysis of myself

Strength moving forward is now that I have a toolkit of digital marketing skills from creating SMART objectives and marketing strategies.

Weakness was definitely marking of my peers work. Even though, I understand the point my lecturer Steph Houslay was trying to teach us. When it came down to it, I felt unqualified to make decisions regarding people’s marks especially if the student didn’t really have the answers. From this I have learnt to follow a rubric and also use my own discretion to assess whether or not the question has been answered. Once we enter the business world we need to be on our “A game” to avoid the “Don”.

Opportunity is now that I see value of blogging, looking into the future this something that I will continue to do as a means leverage my professional brand.

Secondly, opening a LinkedIn account has opened a world of opportunities and I am grateful for the professional social connect.

Threat was my main anxiety as I had write to various audiences and trying to use the correct grammar and sentence structure. Whilst, being conversational as this is a blog platform where the tone of content needed to be engaging yet, free of errors.

My final thought is that I am not just a student number with this course and I’ve been given a platform to be me!


e-tivity 2: The landscape of social media in South Africa

This infographic is presented to Hello Computer to help with creation of digital strategy for brands that may wish to use the opportunity of connecting with customers through social media.

“Internet has changed the paradigm for brands to communicate and connect… and brands have the opportunity to customize their brand experience for consumers”

                          -Strokes and the Mind of Quirk 2010


*click on infographic*

When Hello Computer is tasked with creating a marketing campaign for various clients and their brands they should follow the steps provide below:

  1. The context with close 30 million users of social media in South Africa. A brand has to segment the market and target the right consumer according to their needs and wants. By answering why should this brand matter to the consumer? If a client is looking for professional target consumer. The infographic indicates LinkedIn is the suitable social medium that experiencing growth in South Africa.
  2. Value exchange is looking specifically what the customer will be offered and establishing a value proposition. If targeting a wide range of consumers, Facebook would be the correct social media platform however; the question is to answer is what unique value will the brand add?
  3.  When developing a Digital Marketing Strategy for the client Hello Computer needs to create SMART objectives, tactics, key performance and finally targets. The advantage of digital marketing is that Hello Computer will be able to leverage their service by constantly reviewing the consumer’s interaction on various social media platforms. Tactics and evaluation of brands will  identify what is working best whether it be #hashtaging on Instagram or Mxit promotions this is known as
  4. On going optimisation as already indicating the social media landscape is constantly evolving. It is important that Hello Computer provides a Digital Marketing service that is adaptable to the continuous changes. Hello Computer needs to ensure that their client’s brands evolve alongside the consumer’s needs and wants. Hello Computer needs also needs to ensure that their client’s brand stands out through meaning and originality

My reflections on the creation of 1st infographic

This infographic was designed with Hello Computer in mind, as a Digital Marketing Agency there’s room for artistic license. A key strength is that my infographic has caption so that any viewer will be provided with current insight into SA social media landscape whilst the data is presented quickly and clearly. Key data is presented in various ways that are visual appealing to the viewer by using tables, graphs and the “social media” daisies. Finally, the decision to use 3 colours for the font: green for headings, red to highlight important aspects and bold for emphasis.

It is suggested that colour usage in an infographic should be limited to 3-colour palate and this was main difficultly in creation of the infographic and something I have learnt from. Weakness may be the use of words or background to some viewers this subjective to design astatic.

The theory was taken from: Stokes, R. & The minds of Quirk. (2013) eMarketing: The essential guide to marketing in a digital world. Quirk Education Pty (Ltd). 5th Edition.

e-vitity 1: Digital Footprint

Jumpstart your personal brand


That awkward moment when you Google yourself. Instead, of Googling some theory for Monday’s submission and wondering what would possible pop up. Okay, there’s 1010 results in just a few seconds.

So let’s explore my digital footprint to date. As I expected links for my Twitter and Facebook accounts pop up however, Twitter seems to be the favourite. What you will soon realise that I have a healthy appetite for jokes and laughter, mixed with a good indulgence of wisdom and motivation finally, my moment of “divaness”.

Okay wait I thought I had privacy settings…

Well onto the next link Facebook, which I’m almost certain is private …that was short and sweet because it is. There’s a Clowdy link? Simply put its one of those random downloads that didn’t even last a day #deleted #notupdated @Google. Even the website confirms this by stating “Nontando has not been active”.

Stepping out as a young professional…

“We are all brands, whether we like it or not, and if you don’t take responsibility for branding and marketing yourself, others will do it for you. Personal branding is about being deliberate in cultivating how others see you”

    – says Donna Rachelson

Establishing my online presence and brand is key from now on. As I realised that privacy settings were needed and random links to apps must be deleted from my digital footprint.

loubs step

The first step is to craft my digital footprint according to my personal brand as an emerging professional with a “boss lady” attitude. I need to stand out in a crowd by positioning myself superior to my colleagues and competitors by using my brand to leverage myself supported by a good academic record.

The professional world is using various digital platforms to search and “get to know” young professionals. I plan to set up a LinkedIn account so that my profile will appear as one of the first Google searches.

Using this blog will be a platform on which I maintain my presence and create digital impression that I leave from now on. Therefore, it’s key that I create a favourable online presence to where I want to be career wise. In the next 2-5 years I would like the Google links to show me as one of South Africa’s rising stars in business and earning respect along the way.